Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Common sense business ideas, with a dash of humour.

Hi, I’m Bill Erichson and welcome to my blog.  It’s all about small business, especially trying to succeed in starting, growing and surviving in your business.  I base my writings on my years of experience as a business trainer, consultant and general observer in the small business scene. 

As time goes on, and if I don’t get bored, you I will post up several of ‘Billy’s Laws of Business’.  For the incredibly naïve of you, these are neither statutory laws nor laws of nature.   They came as a result of a little presentation tip I use in business seminars.  If I want to illustrate an important point… or at least a point I think is important, then I say “As Billy’s Law clearly states…”  It was really just a way of drawing peoples’ attention back to the seminar.  One day, somebody asked me if I had written them down anywhere.  That gave rise to my ‘laws of businesses’ and to this blog.

Please don’t take these laws too seriously.  In fact, my experience shows that for every rule, there are exceptions and that business rarely black and white, but rather found in shades of grey…at least fifty of them.  (If you are not a bit of a smart ass…you may not like what you read.)

Please don’t expect an academic treatise or proper footnotes.  If there are fewer than five spelling mistakes per post it will be a miracle…and that’s with a spell check.  I will make general references to the myriad of material I have stolen through the years and even make the occasional book recommendations, but the homework is not mandatory.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am a bit of a smart ass.  Although I don’t take myself too seriously, I take your businesses seriously.  I want all of you (all-ya’ll as they say in Georgia) to succeed.  The real reason for this blog, and for my laws of business is to get people to think.  Thinking is dangerous as thinking leads to ideas which lead to change which lead to progress.  But we live in a world of change, and these changes lead to challenges.  As small business owners, must stay sharp and thinking.  So here is a quote to get you thinking until I post up the first law…the Myth of Self-Employment.  I heard if on a BBC Podcast.

Big Businesses survive change with their size…Small Businesses survive change with their strength.

Be strong.

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